EMT AIMS (Asset Information Management System) offers four solutions for your information management needs: Assets, Forms, Reviews and EVE. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) is scalable and has been used to ensure quality on some of the world’s largest infrastructure projects.

- Asset Lifecycle Management
- BIM Viewer & Digital Twin
- 3D Field Capture
- Automated Change Inference
- Asset Labelling

- Workflow Management
- Digitise Excel Based Processes
- Remove Paper Based Forms
- Task Management
- Master Data Management

- End-to-End Workflow for Collaborative Reviews
- Revision Comparison Mode
- Document Management Integration
- PDF and Excel Reviews
- Document Pack Creation

- End-to-End Workflow for 3D Visualisation
- Revision Comparison Mode
- Create Asset Tags
- Integration with Project Wise and BIM360
- Native Support for Bentley & Autodesk Formats

Key Features

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Configurations, Schema & Relationships

Flexible asset schemas can be configured or imported from external systems. Baselines can be saved, with built-in change management between baselines to see how the configuration has changed.

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Asset Labelling

Our consultants can assist with your asset labelling strategy. Combined with our iOS app you can scan and record information against your assets in the field, linked back to EMT AIMS.

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Multiple level location hierarchy can be configured for point assets or linear assets, to structure your data. Built-in Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. Integration with external, industry leading GIS systems is also supported.

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Web Based & iOS Mobile App

EMT AIMS is web based and iOS compatible. Asset data can be viewed and manipulated in many ways: Asset Tree, Smartgrid, 3D Models.

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Your project will always rely on multiple software platforms. Our focus is to integrate these systems to ensure you have consistent, accurate data throughout the project.

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3D BIM Viewer

Our web-based BIM viewer can consume any model file type and visualise your 3D models. Each element is integrated with EMT AIMS, providing additional information in a user-friendly interface, without the need for specialist software.

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