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EMT EVE (Enable Visualisation Engine) is an intuitive 3D visualisation to view, navigate and review designs collaboratively for a construction project or maintenance scheme. Integrates directly with your native CAD / BIM files so no additional conversion is necessary.

Key Features

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Web Based 3D Visualisation

Our web-based BIM viewer can consume any model file type and visualise your 3D models. Each element is integrated with EMT AIMS, providing additional information in a user-friendly interface, without the need for specialist software.

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Model Tagging & Writing Back

Our consultants can assist with your asset labelling strategy. Combined with our iOS app you can scan and record information against your assets in the field, linked back to EMT AIMS.

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Link To Your Project Information

3D model data can be linked to project data including assets, locations and relationships.

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Support for Point Clouds

Additionally to rendering native 3D models on the web, EVE 3D also supports the streaming of point clouds, which are traditionally extremely large and difficult to handle.

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Integrations to BIM & CDEs

Your project will always rely on multiple software platforms. Our focus is to integrate these systems to ensure you have consistent, accurate data throughout the project.

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Geolocated Models & Projections

Multiple level location hierarchy can be configured for point assets or linear assets, to structure your data. Built-in Geographic Information System (GIS) functionality. Integration with external, industry leading GIS systems is also supported.

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Native 3D BIM/CAD Model Integration

EMT has a built in real-time engine to review 3D models. Direct integration from Autodesk or Bentley to view assets, navigate and review design changes in a far more intuitive way than traditional BIM or CAD software.

- User friendly navigation
- View embedded information, documents and photos
- Synced directly with EMT asset management system
- Virtual rehearsals & Simulations
- Visualise design change
- 3D model review / comments
- GIS platform
- Snake grid & alternative coordinates support
- Tag assets with Unique Asset IDs and other attributes
- Create relationships directly from the viewer
- Create assets directly from the viewer


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