ATLAS (Automated Track & Lineside Asset Survey) is an automated train-bourne data capture, transfer and processing pipeline with a web-based visualisation platform for the rail industry. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning models, ATLAS offers an end-end solution to automatically recognise & geolocate assets from video and point cloud data, perform clearance measurements and visualise change management across repeat runs, offering huge time, cost and safety benefits.

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AI for Rail

- Lineside Asset Survey
- Vegetation Monitoring
- Signal Sighting
- Safe Working Zones

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TrackVision TM

- Accurate Track Identification
- Critical for high density assets
- Ideal for areas of poor GPS

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Data Management

- Asset Information Management System
- API and Enterprise Integration
- Web Based Platform
- Digital Twin, Simulation & VR Visualisation

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- Train-borne Video & LiDAR capture
- Externally mounted or in-cab mobile app
- Automatic data transfer & processing
- Realtime, onboard processing

Key Features

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Video Analytics for Automated Surveys

Using advanced machine learning (ML), Computer Vision (CV) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), analysis of front facing video feeds extracts assets and structures, extracting key attributes and geo-positioning them on our GIS layer.

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Point Cloud Analysis & Gauging

Stream huge point clouds effortlessly, on a web-browser. Geolocated, with a suite of review tools. Assets are automatically recognised and segmented. Video feeds can be used to generate 3D point clouds for further analysis.

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Data Agnostic Federation

Combine multiple data sources including video, LiDAR, thermal video, 3D BIM Design, geospatial data, route information, satellite feeds, existing asset databases.

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Localisation & Asset Positioning

Data sets are geo-positioned using a number of data sources, with improved localisation with advanced algorithms, including our bespoke TrackVision.

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Automated Processing Pipeline

From capturing the data to visualising on ATLAS’ web-based viewer, ATLAS provides an end to end, fully automated process, saving time and money and reduce bottlenecks.

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On Device Processing

When decisions are required instantly, calculations can occur in realtime on ATLAS Lens to deliver information directly to a train driver.

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